What You Should Consider Preparing For Your Hair And Make Up Trial

Posted by Ashley Stone on
June 13, 2017

Scheduling a bridal hair and makeup trial is a great way to see how your look will come together on the big day. Not to mention, trials give you the added peace of mind in knowing you don't have any allergic reactions or other issues with the products being used on your skin and hair (you never know!). As you prepare for your upcoming hair and makeup trials, there are some things worth keeping in mind.

IMG_0739.jpeg        Hair by: Shirley & Make Up by: Brittany

Take to Pinterest for Examples

Having an idea of what you want is always helpful! Consider taking some screenshots of hair and makeup ideas you find on Pinterest and showing them to your hair and makeup specialists.

Pinterest.pngEven if you don't want to copy the ideas exactly, this can help give your pros an idea of the look you're going for.

Come With Dry, Unwashed Hair

Hair tends to hold its style best when it hasn't been washed in about a day, so it's recommended that you wash and dry your hair (using as little product as possible) the night before your trial for best results. Furthermore, save makeup artist the hassle by washing your face clean of any makeup or other products before your appointment.

Bring Your Accessories and Wear White

Don't hesitate to bring any accessories you want to wear on your big day to your trial! Hair clips/combs, necklaces, and earrings can all help you better imagine how your look will come together on your wedding day. You might also want to wear a white or ivory shirt (depending on the color of your gown) to get a better idea of how your hair and makeup will look with your dress.

Beauty Entourage | Sassy Mouth PhotographyPhoto by: Sassy Mouth Photograhy

Follow these preparation tips and you'll be ready for your hair and makeup trial. Then, just sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered!

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