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Posted by Ashley Stone on
September 26, 2017

What is beauty? It takes on many forms, meanings, and even faces..  It is something just as cliche' as the phrase, it's in the eye of the beholder. It's something that carries words, expresses feelings, and ignites so many ways.  What is beauty?

To me beauty is in everything I see and everything I feel. Good, bad and in different. But, in a perfect world beauty is is me. All the time.  In every stage of our lives. The good, the bad, and in all seriousness the ugly.  It's sometimes the visually appealing and often times the inspiring takeaway. 

I love all things beauty and I am grateful to see it all around me every single day.


I am the proud owner, founder, CEO... of Beauty Entourage. My name is Ashley Stone.Nice to meet you.


I wear many hats every day and the journey has been nothing less than the most beautiful story I have been apart of.  When I think about everything about this company, the people, and the day to day grind... I can't help but, always feel there is an untold story only I get to have in it's entirety. Snippets that some get to experience is just a small piece of what comes together as only a full story I can share. 

So, no more writers, automation, or layers of people in between.  I built Beauty Entourage as a company that had no intention to become one. I shared my passion that resonated with thousands in ways I wouldn't have imagined and eventually I had to rediscover a company that I never meant to built but, did by just always wanting to bring forth something better that people wanted.

 Every day, I do it with a greater pasion, a greater love and a greater respect. Because, beauty comes in all forms. I've learned to appreciate all aspects and I want to share with you a company from my eyes.. as the untold story of beauty from a girl, a hairdresser, a mom, an artist..... A person.

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Mompreneuer 18320456_10210392865072792_2137436274328994211_o.jpg



Beauty Entourage is a magical thing that is more than what the eye can see...but, only what my heart can feel.. It has changed my life in so many ways and the people along the way have been the very reason why I do what I do.... No matter how big we get, that will never change.



Stay tuned for the beautiful untold story of growth, pereseverance, and the amazing people along the way.  As a company we are all about everything beauty from a real and honest perspective that enhances you, builds self confidence, and becomes the beautiful love story that is your life that we get a small piece in taking part of!



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