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Posted by Ashley Stone on
November 07, 2017


never-let-anyone-treat-you-like-a-yellow-starburst-you-are-a-pink-starburst-925602.jpg         One of the best parts about our job is not just the traveling, it's meeting new people! In the 13 years I have been going to people's homes and hotels I can tell you it never gets old! The ironic thing is, I was never a people person.  Weird I know!   Doing someone's hair always created some type of connection for me. In those moments I felt like I wanted to know you. How can I do your hair to fit exactly your vision? What are your goals? Who are you as a person?  I have to say, it's given me so much insight and intrigues me to explore more and learn more about people.  Not all.. don't get me wrong. I am not the hair stylist that is your therapist. Never been my thing. I am the hair stylist that wants all of those things to go away and instead focus on positive things that excite you when you talk!

         As a company that is our mission too. I always seek out artists that have this unique passion that goes beyond just saying they love hair and make up.  I like to find artists that truly care about not just the experience you have but, the service they provide to make sure you feel your absolute best.  It's taken many years to figure out the pieces to that BE puzzle but, what didn't take long is figuring out people.  When someone talks about something they love their face lights up.. You can feel their energy and excitement. What may be ordinary to you and I, it is earth shaking to them. 

         The most unique thing I can think of when it comes to BE is the people. Both artists and clients! Their stories, their passion, and their love. It's why we have such a strong focus on weddings.  Sure, we can do hair and make up for any event. Please, book us! We are happy to.

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          But, I always get asked, why weddings? Why corner myself into one niche... Simply put... It speaks to my heart.  The way it speaks to my clients and the way it speaks to the people that work for me that love what they do and push to get better at it every single day.

          In my travels I visited Hilton Head, South Carolina for the first time.  I fell in love the second we arrived. It was not what I expected when I think of an island. The trees were lush, the grounds were beautiful, and the ocean was pretty hidden from sight. It was this combination of two worlds that collided and I fell in love!   Just days into my visit we did a timeshare tour. I'll admit I had NO plan on buying one but, the freebies were worth it.  Our sales guy asked what we do for a living and it's always something that turns into an intriguing long story.. I have a pretty unique job that seems to interest so many! 

          It led to discussing make up for the next hour. I know right!? This sales guy knew a lot about make up. Reason being, his girlfriend is a make up artist and from the sounds of it, an up and coming one! I had to meet her.  Long story short.. I did! That night. We connected immediately. The way she spoke about make up was infectious. My poor husband shook his head and said.."Here she goes!"  He is used to me.  We exchanged contacts and the rest is history!   I knew, Beauty Entourage would one day call South Carolina home!  

Meet Ladesa,


       After months of discussions and getting to know her I made a second trip to SC. I know, tough job but, someone has to do it! I packed up my family with 2 days notice and made a vacation out of it. Why not!? 

20988389_10211333255941976_2687338243294684970_o.jpg       They dig my kind of crazy! Usually I travel with my team but, having my family this round was pretty awesome!  But, mom has to work!


        And work we did! Training, planning, and strategizing. It was a great trip. The #travelingbebag got it's own little adventure too. In the time I was there, we were able to also meet other artists and test their skills. We snagged Kat to join our BE South team shortly after. Is everyone this sweet in the south!?


        I trekked back up north and back to the wedding season grind. I was lucky to carve out a week in season but, thanks to my child's birthday and annual week off, I was able to get the ball rolling a little sooner. You could say, fate just keeps on aligning for us. 

        Fall season is our biggest season in our other locations in the Northeast. I had to put some of my planning on hold but, what better way to bring in Ladesa to BE world than in our peak season!  Another last minute phone call and Ladesa was on a plane within 24 hours to fully immerse herself in the chaos.  She was ready!! But, she wasn't ready for the cold!  

22547103_1672821909415449_1827800133_o.jpg      Welcome to CT!  Let the adventure for the next 3 days begin!! She had no idea what she was in for.  She joined me on weddings in New York and CT.






        We just so happened to be booked for a bridal show with Britt and Ali!  These two are nuts! Who knows what they will get into. 



Ali worked her magic and did a hair demo for the brides passing by. Ladesa was her model! 




Ali worked her magic and did a hair demo for the brides passing by. Ladesa was her model! 

 If ever there is a random shot of the BE bag, you can be guaranteed that Ali climbed something and got the shot!! We need to show Ladesa the important photos to get of the bag. Haha.22491865_10101419574458689_1671278553224868461_n.jpg

Thank you ladies for showing Ladesa the ropes... BE STYLE!!


         Rounding out the trip, no better way to end it with a make up shopping spree with Kyle! This man has the biggest make up artist kit and knowledge you can imagine! what a treat!

        After meeting about half of our company, I think Ladesa was good to go back to South Carolina and start the process of our next plan. Meeting more artists!!  Our vetting process is cumbersome but, in the end, the most important part is not only to find talented people but, artists that love what they do beyond it just being their job.

        Meeting Ladesa, I knew she was BE and the stars aligned in ways we both are a bit at awe over!Bringing her into our world and seeing how all of our artists not only embraced her but, showed her exactly who we are. We all share the same passion for hair, make up, and of course our clients.   We are excited to keep pushing forward and making Beauty Entourage a name all women will know for their hair and make up on their wedding day or for any special occasion.  We are a company derived by a passion and mission to empower women and love their story.... We all have one.  This is ours... Cheers to BE South launching in 2018. 


 We are so happy to have you joining the BE fam! 


Want to read more? We have so many exciting things always happening and we hope to create a company of value for all of the people we encounter. Check out our recognition from the state of Connecticut in this blog where owner, Ashley Stone wins Entrepreneur of the Year!


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