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Posted by Ashley Stone on
February 03, 2017

The weekend is about to hit and as the Beauty Entourage office winds down, the artists pack up! What most don't realize is we are more than just your beauty team comprised of hair stylists and makeup artists that travel. But, we are a well rounded team of artists and amazing business minded women. Making this glamsquad ready for just about anything for our clients.

Today's Feature Friday is about a team member that most don't get to see. She is the behind the scenes girl often like the BE shillouhette and eventhough she often works remotely, she is very much apart of the team and the magic that makes Beauty Entourage's wheels turn. 

Let me introduce you to AMY! 




Amy has been with Beauty Entourage for almost 2 years! I can't believe it's even been that long. How I met Amy is a unique story similar to that of our clients that have met on Match.com  lol   The good ol' interwebs. When Beauty Entourage began to grow so did our team. As a business owner I read business books for days as pretty much a hobby. I read somewhere about a successful writer that used a virtual assistant... In my head, this is what I pictured:

beauty team

"Hi how can I help you today." 

I had no idea what to expect and I was a bit anxious how I could delegate tasks to someone from a distance. Especially given, so much of my business at the time was so hands on. 

Little did I realize the woman I was paired up with was not the above picture at all... she was more like this now in my head..


Seriously! Don't let this little petite southern girl fool you! This woman has multitasking skills beyond the norm and she also, over time, has become a very BEloved member of the team.  As my executive assistant and often times side kick behind the scenes, there was no better person for me to write about that could personally convey my gratitude, as well as our quirky and humorous relationship. 

Amy is from Lousiana (depending on the day, I roll with Kentucky, North Carolina, New Orleans? lol )and she has two kids and a husband.. In the time we have worked together I am so proud to learn about all that she does as a woman, mom, and wife. She is exactly what we look for in not only our artists but also our entire office team that creates the magic of Beauty Entourage. 

Being from the south she is sweet as pie with the best sayings and come backs to things that litterally brightens my day. We call them Amy-isms...lol 

Most clients don't get a chance to interact with Amy but, most business relationships we have do and I wanted to put a face and give insight to the infamous [email protected] 

Thank you Amy for mailing us food so we eat at the office, putting together the most amazing spreadsheets, making us laugh with your hillarious comment, "Well crap on a cracker." will by far be my favorite. Most importantly, THANK YOU for being YOU!  Regardless of the distance, Amy is very much apart of our team and deserves a shout out! We love you Amy! 




From our team of Girl Power to YOU.... CHEERS to the weekend! BE confident BE inspired....BE You!! 

trabveling beauty team


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