Beauty Tip Tuesday- New Year Beauty Resolutions

Posted by Ashley Stone on
January 03, 2017

Keep your winter skin looking flawless with these skin care tips!-3.png2017! We made it. Look around and take it all in. Doesn't look much different, does it? That's because it isn't. But, one thing you can make a big change to is yourself! In our first Beauty Tip Tuesday of 2017, our artists share their hair and makeup New Year's Beauty Resolutions.  

Resolution 1: Pick a skin care routine and stick with it! No excuses! No more "I'm too tired" and crawling into bed with a full face of makeup. No more "Today's eyeliner can be tomorrow's smokey eye." Wash it off, clean it up and moisturize it before you start counting those sheep. Then do it all again in the morning (but add some SPF). You'll be happy you did when you are 55 and have a wrinkle free face. 

Resolution 2: Have realistic hair expectations. You can't have everything you find on Pinterest (I wish, right?). No you can't turn your black hair into platinum blonde in one sitting. Hair dressers are amazing artists, but they aren't magicians. They are just as likely to pull a rabbit out of their hat as they are to turn black hair to that Pinterest-perfect white/blonde you've been stalking-in just one sitting. It's possible with patience though! Just hunker down- it'll take a while. Or you could buy a wig. 

Resolution 3: Throw out old products! Get rid of them! They aren't doing you any favors. If they've expired, toss them and start over! New year, new products. I just gave you permission to go shopping again, so you're welcome. 

You can tell that your product is expired by finding this cute little logo on the back or bottom.  



Resolution 4: Drink water. Yes, water. This little tip seems to find its way into all of our Beauty Tip Tuesday posts. That's because it is important. In addition to a healthy skin regime (that you will follow religiously), drinking water will keep those wrinkles far, far away. Add some lemon for added health benefits. 

Resolution 5: Stop shampooing your hair on the daily. It isn't good for it, but you knew that already. Invest in a good dry shampoo and see how long you can go without a wash. Let you hair revive itself. Eventually you're hair gets used to less frequent washing and you shave tons of time off your morning routine. You can spend that extra time drinking more coffee. 2017 is looking better and better!

Bonus: Clean your makeup brushes. No excuses! According to experts, your personal brushes should be cleaned 1 to 2 times a month. Makeup artist brushes should be washed after every use!


Now get out there and make 2017 your best year yet! Let us know what some of your Beauty Resolutions are below! 

Til next time: #BEbeautiful #BEconfident #justBE

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