Beauty Tip Tuesday: Makeup Woes & Pro Solutions

Posted by Ashley Stone on
February 07, 2017
Have you ever had eyeliner that has became no longer useable but, there was still more product that you could get out of it!? Here are a few tips from our professional makeupartists with what they do when it comes to eyeliners and how to bring them back to life! 
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How- To Revive Eyeliners

There’s nothing worse than when your favorite eyeliner starts to check out on you especially if its within a short timeframe after purchase. If you find yourself buying eyeliners quite frequently, just happen to have a few in your makeup bag that don’t work as great but you are managing to still use them or are just curious to learn how to fix them if you ever encounter this dilemma then keep reading.  


Fixing up an eye pencil could be as simple as having to sharpen it to expose fresh product and eliminate the dried up outer layer. Sometimes it requires a little more extra love and sharpening is simply not enough. This is where your blowdryer comes in handy and saves the day. By using the heat of the blowdryer the product should quickly respond and become increasingly manageable then it was. Wait a few seconds before applying directly to your eyes after using heat from the blowdryer. Also if you have a tissue handy you could gently wipe off and clean your pencil if you notice the product melted right at the tip or around to prep it for the best use and for safety purposes. 
Eye Liner Pots:

If you use eye liner pots there’s a chance you’ve already encountered this issue of your product drying up. Unfortunately, eye liner pots are more likely to dry up because of the nature of their packaging and it also could be a formula reasoning as well. Great formulated products are the ones that stand the true test of time but it doesn't mean you can't make a current product work for you that might be on the dry side. duraline.jpg
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So, what can you do to help these products out and even your wallet from repurchasing more often? Have you heard of Inglot’s  Duraline? Duraline is a 'waterless liquid' as described by Inglot that will work like magic on your dried up eyeliner pots. Just add a drop or two and mix with a brush to achieve a nice smooth consistency again. The benefits of Duraline is that it also works to mix with powder eyeshadows or loose pigments to create an eyeliner of any color you’ll want and its hypoallergenic. Its a great multitasking product to have around. Another alternative is to use regular eyedrops and follow the same instructions I mentioned above.
These tips should provide noticeable results but do keep in mind if you feel that the formula of your eyeliner is not quite right, not manageable with these remedies, you should ask yourself how long you’ve had the product for and if your eyeliner is simply no longer good. 
Check out this amazing difference when our artist Cathy glammed up our client for a red carpet event using liner and lashes for the fiercest Before & After.  

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Do you need a quick fix for your mascara? Save your dried out mascara with these tips from a past post that will bring it back to life!
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