Beauty Plannning For Your Wedding Day!

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March 07, 2017

You have been dreaming of your wedding day for months and years. Not only do you want to find the perfect location to say "I do," but you also need to find the dress that exceeds your wildest expectations. Of course, you won't want to forget your bridal beauty plan. Here's how you can create the perfect look for your big day:


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Remember that Your Beauty Plan Encompasses Your Entire Body

You should begin creating a beauty regimen that improves your hair, skin, feet and finger nails at least 6 months prior to your wedding day. This will allow you to subtly transform into a glowing bride who is ready for her close-up. 


Coordinate with Your Wedding Party and Make Beauty Appointments in Advance

If you have a small party or a large party it is still quite the task to coordinate everyone and finding our what they want to do for hair and make up. Often times, you don't need to know the nitty gritty. You do however need to know are they in or out!?  When booking your hair and make up appointments whether you are going into a salon or having a beauty team travel to, it is like any other appointment. You have to schedule the time in or they may not be able to get done. Saturdays are the busiest days to get your beauty services done. It is important to plan far in advance when it comes to making these appointments so make sure you gather your girls and get them confirmed so you know the details in advance when scheduling.  Find out the salons cancellation policy when it comes to a last minute back out so you aren't surprised if it happens and you still have to pay a fee. The more you know in advance the more you can be prepared with no stress! We highly recommend, the sooner you know your details the better when it comes to booking your beauty team or salon services. To ensure availability it is critical. Nothing is worse than researching and finding someone you love but, they book up because it took you months to know your details. 

Make Final Selections that Complement Your Personality, Style and Event

The shades of makeup that you choose need to complement your hairstyle, your wedding gown, the theme of your day and your wedding party. Work with a professional in order to make careful selections that will be just right for your day. Pinterest is great for references but, sometimes it can be unrealistic for wedding day hair and make up. Often times photo shoot hair and make up couldn't withstand the wind let alone rain if that happens on the big day (We will cross our fingers that it won't!) .  100 Degree weather or a blizzard, have a plan and know things can change. Realistic to your hair, skin, and the elements can be make or break to having the best outcome you have been dreaming of. Certainly, you can often get that picture perfect look. Make sure when you are researching the perfect look, you also take the time to also research who you decide to hire. Most professionals will have samples of their work, background about their experience, and can answer your concerns with ease. Don't forget, hair and make up are jsut about as important as the dress you choose. It effects the overall outcome of not only how you look but, also how you feel.  Once you decide on a look, try it out with your beauty team! That is the best way to ensure it was everything you envisioned. If you are confident then you can take on anything that comes your way!! 

Bridal Updos and Bridal Make Up

Schedule a Trial for Your Hair and Makeup

You will want to work with a hair stylist and makeup artist about 2-4 months prior to your wedding day in order to do a practice run. This allows you to see your wedding day look and make any changes necessary prior to the actual day. Hint: Consider scheduling your trial for the same day as your bridal shower or bachelorette party in order to make the most of your glamorous appearance.

Relax and Enjoy Your Day

By being prepared and creating a beauty plan in advance, you can simply relax and enjoy the moments in which you will transform into a bride. This day you spent so much time planning and making all of these choices so trust the professionals you hire! They are there to make you feel the best you have ever felt and certainly that is the goal. It's all about you girl, enjoy, breath, and take it all in! The day will fly if you don't. 


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