Airbrush Make up For Sensitive Skin!

Posted by Ashley Stone on
January 24, 2017

Airbrush Makeup



We get this question a lot from our event clients about what type of products our makeup artists use because they have sensitive skin. So, we to our pros to have your questions heard and answered!

Top questions we get asked 

  • What are your favorite products for sensitive skin?

"Josie Maran best for sensitive skin. It works really well with clients that have rosacea."- Cathy CT Make up Artist

" I have sensitive skin and I am prone to blemishing pretty bad. I use Simple Make up wipes and always have a great experience. No itching, no redness."- Ashley, Founder of Beauty Entourage

"Products that are mineral based are great for sensitive skin as well because they are non comodegenic (won't clog pores) and are less likely to contain any harsh ingredients that may increase irritation.Avoid using products with fragrance or parabens or any artificial coloring."- Britt make up artist for our Ct team


  • How should I prep my skin before the event date? Is there anything specific I can do to prevent a breakout?

" Make sure you wash daily and remove all your make up. Lingering make up can cause breakups and bacteria to happen." - Ashley 


  • Is airbrush make up a good option?

"You can use airbrush on sensitive skin. It is very light weight & it just lays on ur skin. & it is prepped before application"- Cathy

"Air brush is great for sensitive skin, sometimes skin will turn red even when you touch it with a brush or a sponge (I know from a fact because I have really red cheeks 💁🏼) the air applying the makeup is more gentle." -Stehanie, makeup artist from our New York Team

"Yes yes yes!  I would recommend water base formula for sensitive skin" Britt make up artist for Ct. 

Learn more about Airbrush make up in our previous blog


  • Do you clean your brushes in between clients and what do you use?

"Yes. I clean the brushes in between clients the day of the event or I use different brushes on each person. In addition, once a week. I use a my shampoo & baking soda. Baking soda is a neutralizer & refreshes the bristles & kill any bacteria u carry from ur skin that can cause more skin break outs."

- Cathy 

"I clean my brushes in between every customer with 99% alcohol, and I clean after every event with London brush company's vegan solid brush shampoo" - Stephanie


Sensitive skin can be a pain but, with the right products and the right pro, your make up worries are a thing of the past. Check out some suggestions we also love for the skin to cleanse and moisturize.


1. Burt's Bees is always a winner when it comes to au natural! We love this product for facial cleansing before an event to ensure you won't have any breakouts. Check out their lip balms too!

Sensitive skincare

2. Moisturize! Skin needs to be hydrated. For sensitive ladies, just be careful with using anything to heavy that may clog your pores.

sensitive skincare

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